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In Rooms Madrid we show in a simple and direct way the latest information about the best shared flats in the center of Madrid and Barcelona, offering the opportunity to be part of one of them.

Rooms Madrid is the clearest way to demonstrate that by sharing experiences nacionality, age,ideas or the diversity of cultures; besides enriching us as people, it contributes enormously to fostering some important values such as equality, solidarity, tolerance, respect, responsibility or freedom.

Rooms Madrid is different because it has been created by former Erasmus students. We understand how it feels to live outside and we want you to feel at home in our shared apartments.

Our services

The objective of Rooms Madrid  is to make you feel at home. Our rooms are located in the center of Madrid or Barcelona, we respond 24 hours a day to any need.We organize activities for those who hardly have friends.We want you to remember Rooms Madrid as the best experience of your life

The shared flats at Madrid, are located in the most emblematic areas of the cities so that you get to know the customs and culture of each place from their historic downtown.They are located in safe areas and well connected with public transportation.All the flats are really big and specially designed for young multicultural people

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Each contract is personal and individual.The price for each room is different, depending on its characteristics: size, lighting, balcony, windows,etc.All contracts must be signed by the person who will reside in the room and approved by Eramus Flat’Secure Payments.These contracts can be renewed as long as there is mutual agreement.

The minimum stay to book will be 3 months.We only charge 1 month deposit for the same price of the month and 0€  management fees.In case of breach of contract,loses the deposit.The rental charges will be made at the beginning of each month,with the possibility of payment by bank transfer, deposit in account by teller or online payment directly from the web.

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The houses available to Erasmus Flat-Secure Payment are all furnished.The rooms have a large wardrobe, a double or single bed, a desk, a bedside table with lamp and a wastebasket.The kitchen is equipped with a washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven, cooker, kitchenware and WiFi Internet connection


We have our own cleaning team that is responsible for maintaining all common areas in perfect condition.The areas to keep clean are hall,bathrooms, dining room and kitchen.With this we facilitate the coexistence between each other and keep the home in good condition.Our clients enjoy a pleasant stay and the owners of the properties are satisfied with our work.


The rent of the room includes the costs of community,cleaning service, Wi-Fi, activities organized by the company.These expenses do not include excessive consumption by the tenants.Excessive consumption will be considered from invoices with amounts higher than:The Water Service 45 € / invoice (Bimonthly).Electricity service 180 € / invoice (Bimonthly).The gas service 180 € / invoice (Bimonthly).In this case, the LESSOR PARTY may charge the LESSEE PARTY the amount that exceeds the amounts indicated,proportional to the number of people who live in the shared apartment.

Our booking team will be available at all times to inform about the status of payments and will contact any tenant in case of need.


Erasmus Flat Secure Payments pays attention to the needs of its clients.The maintenance team responds immediately to solve any problem that the tenant may have

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The shared flats are located in the most emblematic areas of the cities,so you know the customs and culture of each place from its main boiling points, with quick access to public transport and above all very safe.All the houses have a large size and have been specially designed to be shared with young and multicultural companions.Erasmuflat-Secure Payments collaborates in the adaptation of its tenants with activities such as guided tours of the city of Barcelona or Madrid, excursions to monuments, attendance to shows, etc.

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+34 658 954 441